Sunday, June 23, 2013

The Great Power Outage

We lost power Friday night.  A storm rolled in about 8p.  I'd just gotten the kids down to sleep when the first winds told us that something big was coming.  We just had time for a quick round up of open windows.  I put my phone on the charger 'just in case'.  Then the lights flickered and the power went out.
It was still plenty light out so we could watch the winds and rain.  We noticed some leaking from the seam where the porch joins the house so we quickly moved things out of the way.  We found the emergency radio (thanks Heidi!) and cranked it up.  Strong, strong winds outside.  I think I heard something about 70 mph winds.  The FP Gal said that it looked like a hurricane.  We set up candles and broke out some cards.
The whole storm passed through very quickly.  It was all done in less than half an hour.
We opened the window and could hear sirens going and going.  Police cars and firetrucks, but the sounds of it.  They went on for at least another half hour.  The FP Gal said that it was strange that they were close enough that we could hear them but they never seemed to get wherever they were going.
After a bit we ventured out to see the damage.  We could see a large branch down across the street, down into the street itself.  We took a short walk and saw some big trees down about a block from us.  We also found some shingles in the back yard but, lucky for us, they came from the neighboring house.
No power meant no fans or a/c in the house and it was a warm night.  It also meant no lights or clocks for the kids.  They woke up about 430a and I tried to gentle them down.  About 6a, the FP Gal took them out in the van to get some donuts for breakfast.  A little while later she picked up LL and myself and we went out to the MOA, where they had power.
Back home later in the morning.  We picked up some ice so that we could try and keep the fridge and freezer cold.  Fortunately, our power came back on about 1p.  Unfortunately, the internet was still down.  (Yes, I'm fully addicted.)
Overall, we were very lucky.  The weekend kind of sucked but it could have been much worse.  Our power was out for less than a day.  Some places have been out for days.  We could easily have had a damaged car or house and we didn't. 
We'll take those blessings, thank you very much.

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