Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Joys of Parenting

One of the purest joys that I get from parenting is teaching things to my kids.  Relia especially right now, because she's at that age where she wants to know everything and can actually understand a great deal.  The other morning she asked me about New Jersey.  I explained to her that when Europeans moved there, they were reminded of the island of Jersey.  We then looked around for other 'New' states and cities (New York, New Orleans, etc.).
She surprised me by saying that Minnesota doesn't have any of the 'new' cities.  I told her that we have New London and New Ulm, but her point was well taken.  Somehow she got the idea that Minnesota is far enough inland that it wasn't part of that tradition where regions were renamed for the European counterparts.
I was a proud papa.

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DD4 said...

You have a very intelligent daughter, Peder. I'm proud of her.