Wednesday, October 30, 2013


Yesterday I was looking at the maps on the wall with Relia and DF.  I asked her where she'd like to take a trip, and while she had many wonderful answers, the one that stuck with me was her desire to take a train to Kansas. 

Me: Why Kansas?
Relia: I want to go there and stay at an inn!
Me: An inn?
Relia: (tilts her head) Yes.  The one spelled I-N-N-N. 

Um, ok, sweetie.  I'll see if I can make that happen. 

In related news, DF got upset with her about Georgia.  I told them that they grow peaches there (it's on the map) and Relia said she loves them so much she'd eat them all.  This prompted DF to stamp his foot and yell, "Not all of them, Relia!".  Don't worry buddy, I'll make sure she leaves some peaches for you.


DD4 said...

These two have such a fun reaction to things. I think you should plan a weekend trip to Kansas!

-Peder said...

We might have to. If we're going to do a weekend trip, I'd much rather do either Chicago or Mt Rushmore.