Tuesday, April 14, 2015

From June 2013

Back when I was young, June was a warm month.

What is the ratio of Superman origin movies to overall Superman movies? 1 to 2?

Saw 'Midnight in Paris'. Why in the world do people keep casting Rachel McAdams? She's no longer believable as a person.

If aliens ever show up and need to take some representatives back to their home planet, I'd like to nominate the entire extended Kardashian family. It won't show the human race in the best light, but we'll finally be rid of them.

Overheard while potty training continues:
Felix: Can someone please put pants on me?
Oh, we are indeed living the dream.

Felix about cousin Michael, "He's my special friend. I'm going to kiss him right in the face!"

Sarah is going to build a wall today. Every time she mentions it, Pink Floyd goes through my head.

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carrster said...

Ha!! Rachel McAdams! Right?!?!? She is in the new season of True Detective and I hope to god she can pull it off. :) Happy blogging.