Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Happy New Year

Last night we stayed in to celebrate the New Year.  About 630p, I set off some fireworks on the front sidewalk to thrill Relia and DF.  Then we put the kids to bed and watched 'Moulin Rouge'.  When that was done we prepared for midnight.  We had some drinks ready and was ready to go back out with some more fireworks.  But DF started yelling for me.
I went upstairs and he told me that the noised were keeping him awake.  Relia was also awake enough to talk.  There were some scattered fireworks in the neighborhood but nothing all that loud.  But I guess they woke him.  I held him for a bit, turned on their music and then counted them back to sleep.
I didn't kiss the FP Gal at midnight.  More like twenty after.  And I didn't rush out to do fireworks.  I guess I had other duties.

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