Wednesday, January 30, 2013


Yesterday Relia told me that she was teased at school for being the smartest one in class.  Now, she comes home with stories about teasing on a pretty regular basis.  Upon questioning, most of them turn out to be largely a consequence of her flair for drama.  This may have been more of the same, but it game me an opportunity to talk up the 'smart' thing.
This morning I sat her down and told her that I couldn't be prouder of her for being the smartest in class.  I said that she doesn't need to show off but if she has brains I want her using them and using them and using them.  And if the other kids don't like it, well, that's their problem.
I continued and told her that I often felt like the big ol' smarty pants when I was growing up.  You get used to it.  And you grow to see the advantages.  Now, maybe this is different for girls, though I hope not.  I want her to confidently be herself and this is a big time for cementing that.
So go out and be smart, you brainy child!


DD4 said...
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DD4 said...

I think you handled this very well, Peder. I'm very proud of Aurelia!