Saturday, February 09, 2013


LL has been sick most of the week.  Throwing up and very messy diapers.  Took him into the doctor on Thursday and they said that it was probably just a stomach virus.  Could take a week or two to run its course.  We only need to watch and make sure that he's hydrated and that he doesn't get worse.  So far, no additional problem.
But, man, it's tiring. 
We've been crazy lucky [knocks on wood] about children's health.  Some quick sickness from Relia and DF but nothing major.  Always over in a day or two.  In fact, it's quite possible that he's been physically sick more this week than the two of them put together. 
When I'm grumbling about cleaning him up again, I try and think about parents that are dealing with really sick kids and how terrible that is.  And then I sigh, and wipe up some more stuff.

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