Sunday, January 26, 2014


School is closed for tomorrow due to insane levels of cold.  It will be the fourth day in January that this has happened.  The fourth day so far, because the forecast for Tuesday ain't that hot either. 
On some level I get it.  One day last week Relia waited at the corner for the bus for about 15 minutes.  It would be very bad if that were to happen to some kids tomorrow. 
On the other hand, that's four days that parents have had to scramble to find day care.  We're lucky, in that I can watch them and the FP Gal will be home too.  I feel bad for the others though. 
Man, oh man, we could use some warm weather.


DD4 said...

I'm wondering this: how cold is your office?

-Peder said...

The upstairs is about forty degrees right now, but the section with my office warms up with the heater. I'm guessing it gets to around 55 or 60. Cool but not terrible. Especially as I'm bundled up.

DD4 said...

Do a "selfie" in your work clothes. I would love to see it.