Thursday, June 28, 2012

Repeat Repeat Repeat

DF is full into the repeat everything phase.  We watched a movie today and he updated us on everything that was said, over and over.  We tried to turn off the DF commentary track but we couldn't find that option.  Relia got annoyed and I quietly thought of it as karmic payback. 
He'll repeat something until someone acknowledges that he said it.  Which means if the FP Gal or myself is tuning him out, well, this can go on for some time.  Don't get me wrong, he's usually very interesting to talk to.  He's trying to understand everything and I love how that develops.
Today several people asked his name and he proudly told them.  Then one person simply asked how he is and he answered 'Felix'. 


carrster said...

oh my gosh! August will repeat until acknowledged too. It can be so annoying! Yes! I see the moon. Yes! I see the snake in the book. Yes! I see you spilled.....

-Peder said...

The worst part is trying to figure out *how* to exit the conversation.