Thursday, June 07, 2012

Stone Arch Bridge

This morning I took Relia and DF to one of my all time favorite spots, the stone arch bridge down by St Anthony Main.  Relia has become somewhat obsessed with the Mill City Museum and that whole stretch of the river.  It seemed like a good idea to go down there and let her see things from a different angle.  Plus . . . I wanted a place where they could walk freely but their avenues of escape were limited.
They loved it.  They could have spent hours clinging to the fence, looking at the falls.  (Well, I could too.)  We were lucky enough to watch a barge of gravel go through the lock and dam.  I don't think that DF got it but it made some impact.  As soon as we got home he told the FP Gal about the boat and the doors. 
We also saw an apartment building being built.  They were impressed by the crane.  DF is simply crazy for construction equipment.  Every drive is like a car bingo game where we find 'diggers', bobcats and dump trucks.  And now cranes.

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DD4 said...

Sounds like a fun time to me!