Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Nice Moment

Sometimes when I have the three kids by myself it feels overwhelming.  Like I have to be in at least two places at one time.  And when I'm feeding LL, all bets are off.  The other two can (and do) get into mischief. But when it's one on one, some nice things happen.
This afternoon I had DF alone at home.  He wanted the 'turtle-toes' movie (My Neighbor Totoro) and I obliged.  He had his after daycare popsicle and I laid down on the couch to read.  He quickly decided that he wanted to join me so he swarmed up and snuggled in on my chest.
It was wonderful.
And short lived.  He's pretty squirmy and didn't stay snuggled all that long.  But even that was nice.  For a time he was kind of sitting behind me so I could freely watch his face as he watched the TV.  He has genuine delight at watching the Totoros playing.
Which of course, got me smiling too.

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DD4 said...

It's a good thing you posted this, Peder. You can refer to it when times are challenging.