Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Risk Taker

Last month Relia brought us news that she had been picked as a student of the month at school.  She was (understandably) proud of this.  That same day she got in trouble and the FP Gal sent her to her room.  She angrily shouted down the steps "I'm still student of the month!".
Yesterday was the presentation.  The FP Gal and I attended, as did Nana.  We weren't quite sure what she was being honored for.  The IB school celebrates several different attributes and as students were called to the front, they were given a certificate that explained which one they had shown.  The students were honored in groups by grades, starting at 5th grade and going down to the kindergartners.
Which meant that Relia was one of the last to get her certificate.  It was, as the title of this post shows, an award for being a 'risk taker'.  She must have figured out that we couldn't see her very well from where we were seated because she held the certificate up above her head.  The only one to do so.  A risk taker, indeed.  (We had to explain what 'risk taker' meant.)
I'm sure this will be the first of many honors from school.  One thing that made me happy was to see that she is already on very friendly terms with the principal and just about every teacher that she saw.  (I was the same way.)  They love her there.


DD4 said...

Peder, she is so much like you! I'm very proud of her and loved the photos Sarah posted of the celebration. Way to go, Aurelia!

carrster said...

Awesome! :)