Saturday, August 10, 2013


On Friday night we went to Frontenac State Park.  ('Frontenac' is French for 'daddy long legs', of which we saw at least a million.)  We got to the camp site just after lunch and we were lucky that the previous tenants had already checked out.  We could go right in. 
We set up the new tent and another small tent that the FP Gal bought for the kids to play in.  We handed out whistles to the older kids in case they got lost in the woods.  Eventually we had take them back because they wouldn't stop 'practicing'.  LL got some jingle bells which we attached to his pants.  We were afraid that he'd hate them but he surprised us and loved them. 
Right connected to the back of our site was a path to In Yan Teopa rock. This led us down to the a couple of spots overlooking Lake Peppin.  I took the bigger kids down there and within minutes we saw two different bald eagles soar past!  We saw the rock from above.  It wasn't very impressive.  There was a path leading down but I said we had to wait for the FP Gal before we hogged all of the discoveries. 
We returned with her after the camp was all set up.  The path was long and difficult.  To be fair, there is a sign at the top that says so.  The FP Gal had LL on her back which made it even harder.  We made it some long ways (2/3rds?) down before we turned around and hiked back up. 
It was hot dogs for supper and then we explored the surrounding area.  We set a small fence up around the fire pit so we didn't have to wach LL every minute.  Not many small children in our area unfortunately.  Several camps had bicyclists who met up there and took off again in the morning.  We found the biffy and a very rough sandbox.  According to DF, the biffy was 'full of dead flies'.  And live ones, and other bugs including one live rock moth which scared the hell out of me!
A little before 7p, I took LL for a ride to see if he'd fall asleep.  He did and afterwards I transferred him to the pack and play in the tent.  The rest of us had s'mores.  Finally it was dark enough to get the other kids down.  We hoped to see some starts but clouds rolled in and we really didn't see any.
LL woke up some time in the middle of the night and the party was on!  The FP Gal finally took him to the car so the rest of us could sleep.  About 530a, Relia woke me so I could walk her down the bathroom.  When we got back, the FP Gal rejoined us in the tent and DF was awake.  Not the best night of sleep ever. 
This morning we broke camp and decided that everyone was too tired to stay there anymore.  We took the scenic route back through Wisconsin and now we're back. 

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DD4 said...

It was fun to read about and see photos of your camping experience. Everything in the area looked so green and lush—unusual for this time of year. The kids looked like they were having a good time.