Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Life With Leo

I'm watching Leo explore our house (again) as he does every day.  I just got hit with a wave of preemptive nostalgia for the days when he won't need to explore again.  You see, he goes from commonplace object to commonplace object trying to figure out a) what it is for and more importantly b) what fun thing he can do with it.  We also run into c) is it light enough to move around on his own.  Everything gets inspected closely until he is distracted into inspecting something else.
The something else is usually Ozzie.  He loves that cat.  Whenever he sees Ozzie he lights up.  Goes over to him and tries to interact.  This means that Leo tips his head to one side to be adorable and holding out a finger for sniffing.  Well, waving a finger.  He knows to do that but he doesn't have the speed right yet.  Ozzie then gets some pats and fawning and shortly thereafter escapes.  (I should mention that Ozzie is better with kids than any other cat that I've ever met.)
The other thing that will derail Leo's explorations is his blanket.  He is completely attached to his blanket and will search it out.  Yesterday it was on the other side of a baby gate and that fact drove him bonkers.  Drove me bonkers too until I figured out what he was trying to get. 
Leo is our explorer baby.  He climbs and climbs.  He's the first child to figure a way past the baby gate at the stairs.  We've found him on the dining room table and the stove.  Soon we'll find him on the refrigerator, no doubt.
I love the guy.


DD4 said...

I love this post, Peder. It's fun to see the individual way you love your kids. Each one is like a book to you!

Pat said...

Well--it is not hard to love that sweet child. I also found him fascinating at how he would entertain himself. He is a very contented baby.