Friday, August 02, 2013

Vancouver Olympics

I've taken to YouTube in the mornings to find things to show the kids.  Lately that's been Olympics heavy for various reasons.  The other day I ran across this:

That's the full opening ceremony to the Vancouver Olympics.  In fact, it's the video that was given to various broadcasts.  Some three hours of it that the talking heads of NBC, Sky or whomever, would provide commentary for.  Which means that you, the viewer, can simply watch this on its own merits. 
I know that the full thing is some three hours long, but do take a minute to watch the first couple of minutes.  There is a long establishing shot over the Vancouver harbor.  Eventually it comes to the BC Place, which looks like an exact clone of the Metrodome.  (Let's see, BC Place was built from '81-'83.  The Dome was built from '79 to '82.  Different architects but obviously the same design.)
There are two musical highlights for me, the first about the 2:01:00 mark and the other about 2:36:00. 

This clip led me to an Olympic channel on YouTube.  I'm going to look for other full ceremony clips.  I don't know why they wouldn't put them up.  There is no possible protection issue, since the actual events are long over.  I'll let you know what else I find. 

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DD4 said...

I'll check this out when I have some time. I love the opening and closing ceremony programs of the Olympics.