Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Getting Ready for Sochi Olympics 2014

The Olympics are just about beginning and there is some excitement in our house.  Well, I'm excited and I plan on dragging the kids in too.  Hopefully the FP Gal will be ok.  The Opening Ceremonies will be broadcast on Friday, starting at 730p CST, but actual events will start earlier than that.  I thought I'd get some things together in one place for myself and anyone else that is curious.

  • Sochi is ten hours ahead of us here in the Midwest.  Which means almost everything you see will be tape delayed.  I don't know how that will work in the age of Twitter and other social platforms.  I don't remember spoilers being a huge problem during the London games though.
  • Here is a link to NBC's viewing guide.  You can also watch some events online or through your phone.  Possibly your refrigerator or toaster, depending on what model you have.
  • I've been meaning to write about this but keep forgetting.  Do you know who does the camera work at the Olympics?  A group run by the IOCC themselves called the Olympic Broadcasting Service.  They provide a feed and the various countries simply put their own commentating with it.  
  • I'm very curious what the Opening Ceremonies will be like.  I don't really have a feel with what post-Soviet Russia will want to display.  I'm hoping for some Russian men's chorus because they do some wonderful work.  Does Russia have pop stars like the west does?  I honestly don't know.  (In my defense, I don't really know which pop stars we have here either.)
  • There are no particular athletes that I'm pumped to cheer for.  In fact, the only American one that I know by name is Shawn White and I don't really care that much about snow-boarding.  I really want to watch the short track speed skating, the bob-sledding, skeleton and some curling.  Beyond that, I'll take what they give me.
Hope everyone stays safe!

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DD4 said...

I'll be tuned in whenever I am home (TV will be my method). I, too, am anxious for them to start. I will watch the Opening Ceremony and as much skating—figure and speed—as possible.