Sunday, February 02, 2014

Superb Owl

(For the record, I've got Relia saying 'superb owl' now.  Gosh, kids are fun!)

I've gone back and forth on who to pick for the big game.  Heidi is a big Seahawks fan and I'd like for her to be happy so I'll probably cheer that way.  On the other hand, Peyton Manning is one of my favorite non-Viking players so it would be nice to see him win another ring.  In other words, I'll probably be happy with either team winning.
So who do I think will win?  Denver has a historically great offense.  Seattle has a great defense.  Seattle's offense is better than Denver's defense.  The Seahawks have a big edge on special teams.  Given all of that, you'd think that Seattle would be a bit of a favorite.
But it's so hard to bet against Peyton Manning.  He's almost certainly the best player on the field and that's tough to ignore.  Which explains why the Broncos are actually favored by a few points. 
I guess I'm picking the Seahawks, but this is the type of game that should horrify actual gamblers.


Heidi said...

22-0 at the half! Loving it!!!

DD4 said...

Was your little Superbowl party fun?