Saturday, February 15, 2014

Olympics Without Cable

We're about a week into the Olympics, nearly half way through and I thought I'd talk about what I've been able to watch.  You may remember that we got rid of cable about a year ago.  That means that I've only been able to watch what is on NBC proper.  (I've also worked through the primetime viewing period four days this week so that has limited me.  Add in the kids lack of patience for dad's turn with the TV too.)  The only consistent time block I've had is at 11p.
That means I've been able to watch:
  • Some skiing.  Moguls, which I don't care for.  Downhill, which is pretty good TV.  Slaloms, which aren't that great TV.  
  • Cross country skiing.  This doesn't seem like it should work on TV but it does.  Maybe in part because I can see my kids competing in it some time in the future.
  • Biathlon.  More cross country skiing, but this time with the added tension of sharpshooting.  I'll admit, I don't get all of the rules here, especially with the penalties, but it's entrancing television.
  • Slope style skiing.  I'm not a fan of X-Games style stuff.  This doesn't really do it for me either.  I spent some time yesterday really trying to figure out which jumps looked better than the others and I couldn't do it.  
  • Figure skating.  I've had it on, but haven't watched much of it.  I mostly try to figure out the music and look up when I hear the 'ooooh' from the crowd. 
  • Speed skating.  I love the speed skating.  I love the long form, with pairs.  (I root for the Dutch.)  And I especially love the short track with all of the graceful cat and mouse.  Can't get enough of this!
  • Skeleton.   The one Olympic sport I would love to try.  Much moreso than luge or bobsled.
What haven't I seen?  Not one minute of curling.  I've enjoyed it in the past.  I'm amazed that every four years we get this big groundswell of support for people watching it and then it disappears.  Why doesn't some network put this on every Saturday night?  (I wonder the same thing with women's volleyball.)  Anyway, it must be on one of the other NBC channels because I sure can't find it.
I also haven't seen any hockey.  I'm not a huge fan so this isn't a big deal.  But . . . well, if it was on in the morning, I'd probably have it on my TV.  This morning I followed the US vs Russia game on Twitter and it was highly enjoyable.

There are 98 medal events in this winter Olympics.  In 1980 there were 38.  

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