Saturday, November 16, 2013

Flirty Boy

This morning Relia asked if we could take the light rail.  We agreed and took the kids downtown.  The ride there was uneventful.  Relia and DF took turns pointing out landmarks and they were excited when we got to Nicollet Mall.  We got out and they enjoyed the tall buildings.  It was nice and cloudy and the top of the IDS tower was dramatically covered up.  I pointed it out and we made our way there.
When we arrived, they looked at the water fall in the lobby.  DF was especially enthralled.  He got loudly enthusiastic, so much so that we had to leave.  We went over a block to Panera to get some cookies and then back home.
When we got back to the train, I ended up sitting with LL.  Two girls in their twenties(?) sat behind us.  LL turned on the charm and if I hadn't been holding him back, he would have gotten their phone numbers.  They suggested that I get him a 'Lock Up Your Daughters' t-shirt.  I may have to, as a fair warning to other parents.
I think they enjoyed the trip.


DD4 said...

I don't go there very often, but when I do, I love going downtown. What a fun outing you had!

Heidi said...

Marshall had that t-shirt. I'll send it to you!