Saturday, November 09, 2013

From May 2013

(You may remember this series, where I store some of the things that were over on Facebook.)

It's snowing and they're testing the sirens in Minneapolis. The despair is palpable.

Last year, when we had a very mild winter, I distinctly remember a woman (friend of a friend) who was upset that her poor 2nd grader would 'never see snow again'. I've thought of her often over the last two months. The next time someone utters such an absurdity at a Minnesotan we should be allowed to smack them.

I predict that by the year 2025, we will officially change the name of clownfish to 'Nemo-fish'.

Car outside our house has been parked there with the bass ALL THE WAY UP for about fifteen minutes. I can't hear the song, but I assume it's something like seismic activity or magma movement.

Relia to me: Oops, I forgot you're a human.
That's kind of the slogan of my mornings.

Free idea for writers of children's movies: Make the villain be a corporation or a land developer. That way your story will stand out for originality.

Fwiw, I reserve the right to be grumpy at Minnesota temps that are too cold *and* too hot. If we're really in the 90's on Wednesday, I won't be happy about it.

Sarah just asked Relia where the 'summer shoes' go. She answered 'not in the living room'.

Watching some Veggie Tales with the kids for the first time in ever. After a good ten minutes, Felix had an epiphany and realized that Bob is a tomato.

Hating the hot weather already

Well, we can't say that a baby has never pooped on our Wii balance board anymore.

Dealing with tired kids is like reading a Choose Your Own Adventure book where you die on all of the pages.

Leo is methodically beating a little doll to death with a toy boat. He's like a cute little King Kong.

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