Monday, November 04, 2013

Wii, Again

We've shifted things around in the house again and the Wii is again available for the kids to play with.  They seem to finally be at the age to really, really get it.  Well, Relia's been there for a while, but she now has access.  As recently as last spring, Relia was unable to really play Mariokart but now she can.  This morning she was playing and absolutely thrilled to be getting third and fifth places. 
Meanwhile, DF was teaching her a lesson in patience.  He can't help but steer into walls and has trouble going the right direction.  This is maddening to watch.  You want to jump in and take over so that he can be competitive.  But of course, he won't learn a thing that way.  So she gets to watch and bite her tongue.  (If she doesn't, then she gets scolded by daddy.)  I'm sure he'll pick it up in short time.
After we played for a bit, I decided to update the Miis and create a Mii for LL.  Here is is, 18 months old and the Wii doesn't know a thing about him!  So we worked at it and worked at it, with Relia offering helpful advice on the shape of his head and (hardest of all) which eyes were closest to correct.  Sorry, LL, it really isn't set up for babies. 
Next step?  Keeping an eye on Craigslist for extra controllers.  The day isn't far off when we'll need to have two more of them and a couple more steering wheels.  Don't worry, though, I'll find them.

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