Saturday, November 09, 2013

My Little Hams

Today we got together with my sister Heidi, her husband Chad and their wonderful (Star Wars obsessed) boy, Marshall.  He turns five next week so this was a birthday party.  We first got together at a play place called 'the Giggle Factory'.  Basically a playset like you'd find at a big McDonalds or Burger King combined with a coffee bar where adults can sit and watch their monsters angels play.  These spots are a godsend after the weather turns cold up here and the kids had a great time.
Then it was off to Chad's parents house which was filled with family, about half of whom I knew.  The boys decided to put on a show.  Right after Marshall blew out the candle, DF took advantage of the quiet room to loudly announce, "Time for cake!".  While the cake was being passed around, LL took the the floor and held court there.  He simply walked in circles and lit up all smiley to anyone that would smile back at him.
Later on, when the crowds thinned, DF decided that it was time to put on an actual show.  He quickly organized the players and told Relia that she would be the dancer.  Then he pulled up members of the audience to accompany him.  With some prompting, he finally got to his song, an impromptu number about fire.  Chad and the FP Gal did a kickline while LL and Relia spun in their own ways. 
DF just cracks me up lately.  He's at that wonderful stage where he has no artifice.  Everything that comes out of him is genuine and surprising.  He needs his own radio show.
Relia is at an interesting stage.  She's growing past that stage where she tries too hard and laughs at all of her own jokes.  At the same time, she's become more clever and is beginning to play with words.  She has a shyness now, that she didn't when she was younger but I have a feeling that it won't last.  She's finding herself and I'm not sure where she'll end up.  We're encouraging her to be outgoing but this is a place where pushing backfires. 
And LL is still adorable.  As in, you see him and want to pick him up and adore him. 

Great kids.

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