Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Europe's Prettiest Cities

An interesting list from a reader poll.  The slideshow is here and the pictures are purty.  The top ten:

1. Riga,
2. Bergen,
3. Innsbruck
4. Dubrovnik
5. Chester
6. Prague
7. Budapest
8. Santorini
9. Venice
10. Bruges

In the commentary, many cities are compared to Paris but Paris itself didn't make the list.  It does make the list of runners up, but you'll have to click through to see those.  The list is very heavy on medieval cities and nicely colored waterfronts.  Makes sense to me.
I have been to a grand total of zero of these cities.  They all look very nice!  I'd gladly be in Santorini Greece today, especially with 3 to 7 inches of the white stuff due to hit us. 

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