Thursday, December 12, 2013

The Door Sensor

Our icy door adventure continues.  Every day this week we've ventured out to try and figure out which doors will open.  It's a game that I've come to call 'Kia Roulette'. 
You see, there is some risk involved.  If you try the door and it opens, you can get the kids in the easy way.  If it won't open, then you have to load them in the front and then climb through and buckle them up.  As you're picturing this, make sure to include all of the bulky winter clothes needed to get through this ridiculous cold snap that we're having.  Loading them in the front had been something of the default.
So what's the risk?  Well, if the door opens just a bit, then you have the door sensor go 'bong, bong, bong' for your entire drive.  Pounding on the door might get it to reclose and turn it off but there is no guarantee.  (Pound anyway.  You'll need the outlet.)
Worst of all is that the door might open but then not close again.  That would be especially bad if I had the boys with me and super-duper terrible if it happened while we were away from home.  I can deal with driving short distances with an open hatch, like some crazy Huey pilot.  I don't think DF would be nearly as ok with it.

I'd like to disable the door sensor if I could.  I wonder if I asked the good folks at Kia if they could somehow turn it off.  I believe the car would be safer without it.  I ask you, what's more dangerous, a door that is closed but less than completely latched?  Or a constant bonging noise that makes me want to drive the whole thing off of a bridge? 

(It's not even the middle of December yet!)

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Pat said...

Any chance you can tune the bong out and pretend it is not making noise? I can't even imagine loading the kids through the front and then having to get them buckled in through the front. You will laugh about this some day (I think)