Saturday, December 28, 2013

Saying Goodbye to the Dome

Tomorrow is the last game at the Metrodome.  In a month or so, they're going to tear the whole thing down and build a new stadium (which looks pretty nice).  I wanted to see it one more time so I took the older kids down there for a semi-pro football game today.  (For the record, it was some kind of all star game and I have no clue whatsoever what league was being represented.)
We got there in time for kickoff, just the three of us and about 200 other people.
We were in time for the national anthems of Canada and America.  I got them to stand still with their hands on their hearts.  Then we watched the football.  They were amazed that the yellow and blue lines from TV weren't actually there on the field.  What impressed them the most?  The kicking and punting. 
After some time we got in some bathroom breaks and started to move around a bit.  We met a nice lady from Green Bay who was filming the game for her boyfriend who was one of the players.  She complimented them on their binoculars and was generally nice to them.
Then they moved down to the sideline and talked to some of the players.
They'd run down and talk to them and then run back up to me.  Sample dialogue: 
Relia: I got to see a football helmet!
DF: They didn't know who Leo is!
And then it was time to go.  I had them say goodbye to the ol' dome and and I joined in with them.  To my surprise, I was touched.  The place is kind of a dump but it has housed a huge amount of my sports memories for the past thirty years.  
I'll miss it.

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DD4 said...

I'm glad you took them, Peder. It is a big piece of Minnesota history, and I, for one, always liked the metrodome.