Sunday, March 12, 2017

Raising Kinder or Raising Cain

It's been some time since I've written about the kids. There is a simple reason for this: I'm not sure how to do it anymore. The older they get, the more worried I am that I'll over-share and embarrass them. They probably don't want people to be able to search their childhoods when they're older. That...seems fair to me. The worry that I'll do that has made it hard to write. That's one of the big reasons that this blog has become semi-abandoned.
But I'm trying to work past that.
If Relia wants to, she can look back at her first couple of years and read about what was happening and how her parents dealt with that. DF can to some extent. LL can't at all. In many ways this is the classic third child syndrome, just moved from baby albums to blogs. It's too late for me to go back and write more about the previous four years, of course, but I'll try to throw a snapshot in here.

LL is now almost five. He's smart as a whip and constantly surprises us with his word choices. A few weeks back I was in the car with the boys and he found out that DF had said something false to tease him. (I don't remember the exact topic and it isn't important.) LL said to him, "When you do that, I become concerned!"
What great word choice!
LL sometimes has no regard for other people's feelings. The FP Gal tells me that this is normal for a youngest child but I don't know how true that is. He is learning some empathy with the cats, especially Ozzie. As I'm writing this, he is nicely petting Ozzie very nicely.
I'm starting to revise my long held belief that he will grow up to be a famous serial killer.

At times, he is very sweet. This is usually a) if he's very tired or b) if he's with the FP Gal. I'm hoping that he can branch out a bit and become sweet at other times too. 

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DD4 said...

Oh, I really like this post. I love hearing about what the three kids are saying and doing.

I loved being at Aurelia's violin recital last week. I hope the boys try an instrument, too.