Sunday, March 12, 2017

What We Know as Kids

One thing that I was very curious about with having children, is what kind of things that my children would just 'get' that I didn't at their age. This happened with me and my parents, most obviously with space travel. I grew up with rockets being a common thing. I literally never lived in a world where man had not walked on the moon. When it came to aspects like gravity in outer space, I feel like I just 'got' it in a way they didn't.
(This isn't to suggest that my parents are stupid, by any means. We simply grew up in different times and with different things happening.)
Anyway, the FP Gal just showed Relia this video:

Relia saw it and simply said, "Yeah, I knew it would do that." Either she just wants to look cool in front of her old parents, or she has grown up with people in zero gravity and just 'gets' how things operate there.
In any case, I think that the video is cool.

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