Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Relia Music

Lately Relia has been working me to listen to more of her music. Her purpose for this is so that I'll let her play the radio while we drive, but I'm trying to give it deeper meaning. I remember various times that I tried to bridge a gap with my parents by impressing them with the music that I'd fallen in love with and I want to give her that same opportunity.
So far...it's not really moving that fast. She is big into Taylor Swift and a handful of other people that seem a little 'flavor of the day' to me. She's convinced that Taylor Swift is 'country' music and that may have once been true. But when I hear Tay-Tay, I hear pure pop music. Which is fine. I like pop music. But it ain't country music.
The other day while I was driving (and controlling the music!) this song by Morrisey came on:

 She called it country music. Well...maybe not. I asked her what made it 'country' and she said that she could hear the guitars. Ok, fair enough.
So she's working on me and lord knows that I have a long way to go. I'm hopeful, somewhat hopeful, that this will become a two way street.
Wish me luck!

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DD4 said...

I don't remember letting you play your music on the radio. Guess I'm getting old!