Monday, November 08, 2010

One Last Nice Day?

Actually, I haven't looked at a forecast, we might have nice weather for weeks and I wouldn't know. Anyway, today was nice enough for us to go to the park. 'Us' being Relia, Felix and I. Relia made a last minute plea for somewhere else but I told her it would be a sin to waste a sixty degree day in November.
Once we got there she ran off to make new friends and left Felix and I with the stroller. The park we went to is right underneath the flight path and we had several jets go over. Every time one did, Felix would become entranced and follow it along until it was out of view. I think he was in awe.
Relia made new best friends. She does every time we go. They're best friends for an hour or so and then she never sees them again. (I meant that to sound poetic but it came out really pathetic. She seems ok with this arrangement. I'm sure that regular school will bring about some life long mates.)
It was a very pleasant time.

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DD4 said...

Sounds perfect!