Tuesday, November 30, 2010


The FP Gal got me a Viking snuggie for my birthday. It's to be worn up in my office which really isn't heated. (Tonight's starting temp up there was 45 degrees. That's away from my more enclosed area with it's personal space heater.) Anyway, tonight was the first night that I actually got it out of the package to wear. Relia was excited to see it. Her comment: "It's so . . . romantic!"
Um, that isn't how I would describe (nor the FP Gal) but it's nice that she sees the world in happy terms.


DD4 said...

I love it!! I hope it kept you warm!

Pat said...

Makes me like Relia even more. I like seeing the world that way also.

Kate said...

Bwhahaha! If that's romance to her, she's going to make some man very, very happy someday.