Monday, April 23, 2012

Books for Geeks to Read to the Children

Here is an interesting list of books for geeky parents to read aloud to their children.  I won't reproduce the list as it's 67 books long but click on through and take a read through.  I've only read a dozen or so.  Maybe I read more of them when I was younger, but I don't remember.  The ones that I have read are all winners though so I feel free to pass on the rest for recommendations.


carrster said...

Cool list. I was getting worried at the beginning of the list when I hadn't read ANY of them (nor heard of a lot of them)...but then it picked up a bit. We've even read JAMES AND THE GIANT PEACH together (Dahlia & I) so at least there's that (oh and several others too but that seems to be the "oldest" book so far.

Steve said...

Great list. Although I agree that Curious George and Clifford need to be one there, I am not sure I can read either of them one more time without going crazy... But I'll read "Where the Wild Things Are" out loud anytime.

Micah reads to the younger kids for 30 minutes to an hour each night. The books are usually a little young for the older boys, but they inevitably are sitting somewhere close enough to hear while they do their homework or read another book at the same time. Of course as she is reading Harry Potter Book 6 right now, I often find a reason to be somewhere in the vicinity as well.