Thursday, April 12, 2012

Marking Time

We're in such a strange quantum state here. Every day we plan as if it might be The Day. But it isn't. And at some point each day we decided that it will be at least one more day. Today we talked about this about 11a. Because babies come at night, right?

This morning we went to the Wild Rumpus. For those who don't know, this is a children's bookstore in south Minneapolis. It's a very clever place. It has several animals like cats, birds, chinchilla and at least one chicken. The kids loved it. Relia was especially taken by the bathroom. The mirror behind the sink looks normal until you turn off the light at which time it is revealed to be a fish tank! As I said, very clever.
Then it was off to a BK with a play area so that the kids could run around. Well, climb around. DF climbed and climbed like a champ. Only after he'd done the full round a couple of times, did we realize that the intended age frame was 4-10. Whoops!
Anyway . . . it was an ok day.

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DD4 said...

I want to go to that bookstore!! How fun!