Saturday, April 21, 2012

Morning Fights

DF has entered some strange, new and terrible stage of communication. It seems to manifest mostly in the morning, though there is a notable later in the day piece that I could do without. We have conversations like this:

Me: Do you want toast?
DF: Yes.
Me: Ok, I'll get some toast.
DF: (wailing and despondent) Nooooo toast! Nooooo toast!
Me: Ok. Bagel?
DF: Yes bagel!
Me: Ok, I'll get a bagel.
DF: Yay bagel! (pause) No bagel! Nooooo bagel!

And on and on with every possible breakfast food. And every possible prep method. This is all terribly exhausting.

The afternoon bit has to do with driving. I don't know if Relia inspired this but he likes to sit in the the back seat and criticize every little thing I do, whether it makes sense or not. 'Go! Stop! Too fast!' and so on.
I am soooo tired of being yelled at.


Anonymous said...

Maybe don't give him anything for breakfast when he does that. Let him have 2 times to decide and then be done. He will learn soon to stop. He is playing with you now.

Probably won't work with the driving. Not like you can kick him out and make him walk home! :)

carrster said...

ugh - that stinks! I hate those kind of conversations. It's like WHAT DO YOU WANT, kid??