Sunday, April 08, 2012


We didn't have all that eventful of a day. We took the kids over to the FP Gal's folks for lunch. They've added a very nice porch and subtracted a kitchen so (. . . doing the math) we had some food from the grill. All very pleasant.
There was chasing of children, of course. DF had some blueberry pie and then lost a battle with his glass of water. Relia decided that she didn't like chicken or vegetables or really anything else as long as there were chips available. C'est la vie.

No reall progress on the baby front.

Late in the afternoon I played catch with the kids. Relia is gettin an arm on her. She still needs to work on her control. And to try not to jump while catching. But she's coming around. DF has learned how to spike his football. He wants to do more but that's all for now.

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