Monday, May 21, 2012

Next Eclipse

(Sorry if you're tired of this topic.)

Yesterday I mentioned that I'd make a greater effort to get to the next eclipse, especially if it would make sense to bring the kids.  A little Wikipedia help shows me that the target date is August 21, 2017.  There is a picture at the link but if you don't click through, this eclipse will cover a swath from roughly Portland, OR to South Carolina.  In the midwest and plains states, it will go from one end of Nebraska to the other, through Missouri and into Kentucky.  According to Wikipedia, the longest duration of totality will be in the Bainbridge/Sinking Fork area of Kentucky. 
So I'm thinking of taking a road trip.  The cherry on the top is that this will happen two days before Relia's tenth birthday.  DF will be seven and even little Leo will be five.  That makes all of them old enough to appreciate this in some way. 

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