Saturday, May 26, 2012


Today in the car, the FP Gal mentioned Will Hale.  He is a musician who goes to the kids' preschool on a regular basis.  After some general discussion, the conversation went in this direction . . .

Relia: He'll probably die pretty soon.  He's pretty old.
FP Gal: He's not that old, I've seen his picture on his website.
Relia: He's older than anyone I know.
FP Gal: Do you know how old he is?
Relia: He's older than Nana and Grandpa. 
FP Gal: Is he older than Pop-pop?
Relia: Yes.  (pause)  He's 64!
Me: How old are your folks?  65?
Relia: I mean he's 66!
Me: Let's see.  Pop-pop is (mentally doing math) . . . 67.
Relia: I was tricking you.  Will Hale is 68.
Me: (chuckling) Oh.  (pause) Actually, I think he might be 69.
Relia: Well, I have a surprise for you.  Will Hale is actually . . . sixty-ten!

Conversation ends as we collapse in laughter.

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