Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Yesterday I took Relia for her three year old screening.  This is the screening that happens before school so they can have a handle on where a student is before kindergarten actually starts.  They also check vision and hearing.  (Relia wanted them to check 'smelling' but I told her they don't do that.  The mind reels at what that test would look like.)  She aced the tests, of course.
They also had a questionnaire for the parents.  It was mostly questions about social behavior and was designed to see if we had any concerns. The last question asked parents what they like about their child.  I wrote that I like how she wants to be friends with every one.  I also wrote that I like how smart she is and how enjoyable it is to watch her explore the world around her. 
There was one more thing that I really like but I didn't want to put on the questionnaire.  I like that she wants to be sneaky and clever.  Relia absolutely loves to try and outwit people.  This can be a pain (of course) but every time she does it, I smile a bit inside.  Probably because it reminds me so much of myself.
There is a trap in being clever though, and I hope I can guide her past it.  If you try and outwit every problem you never learn how to do the hard work that is sometimes necessary.  (I've fallen prey to this myself.)  I'm sure it will be a struggle but it will be worth it.


DD4 said...

This was a good post, but I wonder if you meant to say "four year old screening."

Yes, Aurelia is a lot like you were (and still are at times). I love both of you the way you are very much.

Sarita said...

Donna, they call it the "three year screening" because we're supposed to do it at age 3. I had no worries about her development, so I put off scheduling it for a year and a half :)