Saturday, May 19, 2012

Thunder Boomers

Yesterday was a warm day, especially warm for mid May.  (Well, maybe not.  By mid May, we are in that zone when it can be summer like with no warning.  So . . . never mind that first sentence.)  Yesterday was warm.  So warm, in fact, that last night we had a brief discussion about turning on the AC.  We decided that we probably should.
Today was hot.  Especially this morning.  It got hot early.  We did some garage sales down in Savage and then retreated back home.  Late in the afternoon we were invited over to the neighbors.  They were having a big party and there were some kids about the same age as Relia and DF.  Lots of fun!
We came back home about 6p and almost immediately after we got in the house the clouds let loose.  Some nice rolling thunder and a minute or two of sheeting rain.  This passed quickly and it rained off and on for an hour or so.  It sounds like more rain in the forecast for overnight.  Man, I hope so!  Give us some of that good ol' thunder and lightning!

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