Friday, October 05, 2012

Baseball Playoffs

The baseball playoffs begin today.  I was hoping that the White Sox would be included in the mix but, alas, that wasn't to be.  They had a better season than expected but fell a bit short. 
MLB has changed their playoff format.  They added two more playoff slots to bring the total number of teams to ten.  In exchange for the addition, they've made it harder for the wild card teams.  Today all four of them will play in two single game elimination matches.  Should be exciting.
Here are the teams in the order that I'll cheer for them:

1. SF Giants - I watched a bunch of Giants games this year simply because they have the best looking stadium in the majors.  Hope they get to play a bunch of night games!
2. Washington Nationals - The sports scene in Washington DC has been brutal for a very long time.  It wouldn't bother me if they had some success.
3. Baltimore Orioles - Similar reason as the Nats.  The last time the Orioles were good was 1996.  Good for their fans to enjoy something nice.
4, 5. Oakland A's, Cincinnati Reds,  - Not really rooting for or against.
6. Texas Rangers - They've had a lot of postseason joy in the past couple of years.  But that was after decades of being bad.  Not rooting for but wouldn't be bothered if they won.
7. Detroit Tigers - I'd be warmer to them if they weren't divisional rivals.  But alas they are, and I don't really like them.
8. Atlanta Braves - This is probably left over feelings from the 90's but I'm still tired of them.
9. St Louis Cardinals - The Cards fans that I work with are almost as bad as Packer fans, but only during the playoffs.  Which I guess makes them similar to Twins fans.  Anyway, the sooner they exit, the sooner the mass emails about the 'redbirds' go away.  Can't happen soon enough.
10. NY Yankees - Of course they get the last spot.  I'd like to see them swept and humiliated. 

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