Wednesday, October 31, 2012


We made it through the holiday.  We really made it through.  And there were fun moments!
  • DF dressed up as a cowboy (and was adorable).  The FP Gal got him a toy gun and holster.  The gun is bright orange and he has absolutely no idea how to hold it.  Mostly he carried it by the barrel.  Tonight as we were out, I tried to hold his hand while crossing the street.  He told me that he didn't need me, his gun would protect him.  
  • Relia has the whole trick or treat thing down pat.  Mostly.  We drilled her on saying 'thank you' and after a half dozen houses she finally got the hang of it.  Sometimes it would come out as 'trick-or-treat-thank-you!'.  
  • It was a bit of a challenge to teach all of this to DF.  He wanted to simply park himself and keep taking candies.  We had to urge him to move on.  Fortunately he charmed everyone.
  • There was one house that offered coffee or cider to the adults.  God bless you!  I always forget how wonderful warm cider is on a cool night.
  • When we got home we discovered that one of our pumpkins was missing.  Unfortunately it was the one Relia designed.  For some reason she wanted prominent eyebrows and, boy did she get them.  I tried to comfort her by telling her that they must have really liked those eyebrows.  She told me that next year she definitely won't do eyebrows!
  • Both kids have full buckets of loot.  It was bedtime when we got home so they haven't had a chance to inventory yet.  I imagine tomorrow morning will be interesting . . .

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DD4 said...

It sounds like a successful Halloween (all but the missing pumpkin) at your household. I loved this post, Peder.