Saturday, October 27, 2012

Stranded Traveler Advice

(via Instapundit)

I found myself nodding along with all of this.  I'm constantly surprised, in this day and age of easy internet access and use, that more people don't go to the small trouble of checking the weather.  If there will be severe weather, try to get around it.  Leaving early is a great tip.
I will say that the airlines have gotten much, much better about mass cancellations in the past few years.  They issue waivers further in advance and with more flexibility.  They do a very good job now of reseating people from cancelled flights.  Even hold times seem lessened. 
The other advice, to have some small emergency pack is also a great one.  I always travel with allergy medicines and make sure to have some in my backpack.  That's my big 'miserable without' item and I don't want to be found short.  This, of course, will vary for others.
A very good read.

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Heidi said...

Good article. People also need to remember planes go all over the place. Just because your route of flight doesn't have weather doesn't mean it wont be delayed due to weather. If your plane left somewhere having bad weather it might be late. Plus, Air traffic doesn't cause that many delays. We just get blamed a lot. I way over pack when I fly with M. I never wanted to run out of diapers or food for him.