Tuesday, December 25, 2012


You can go over to the FP Gal's blog to see pictures if you'd like.  She got some good ones, natch.  I just wanted to post some general thoughts about the day.

  • Coming downstairs on Christmas day is simply enormously better with children.  (At least this is true if they stay in bed until they are supposed to.  Ours did.)  They were enormously excited to see the presents and stockings full of loot.  Fun!
  • As is our tradition, we loaded up everything and took it over to the FP Gal's parents.  There we had a good breakfast and opened gifts.  (I suggested that we sit at the table and talk until Relia spontaneously combusted, but I was over-ruled.)  The pile of presents was very big.
  • Relia insisted that the FP Gal open the first present.  It was a picture frame that she, herself, had picked out for her mom.  The FP Gal approved and she was very happy.
  • DF got trucks, cars, trucks and more cars.  He got two different Maters (from 'Cars').  Later he introduced them to each other and had them compare features.  He was so excited that we didn't even get around to opening a couple of his presents.
  • Relia got all of her's open though!  She got a plethora, in the full sense of the word.  And she loved all of it.
  • Me?  I got some very nice things.  Some marionberry syrup and pie filling.  A cookbook.  A new game that I'm excited to play with.  All in all, some very nice things.  
  • I also got one thing that was NOT a Christmas gift.  The FP Gal found a used elliptical machine and got it for us.  So I'll be ellipting away some weight in the New Year, you betcha!
  • On a down note, the car wouldn't start when it was time for us to go.  Luckily, we'd brought two cars so we got home just fine.  But man, it is not fun if you can't depend on your car in the winter!
The rest of the day was down time.  Then work for me.  (Yes, on the holiday.  But it's slow and they pay me extra so I'm not complaining.  Yawning, but there are no complaints.)  
A very good day.  

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