Thursday, December 20, 2012

Little Lion

So how is our Little Lion, anyway?  He's mobile as could be.  Crawls everywhere.  Wants to crawl all the time.  And when he finds an opportunity, he pulls himself up to standing.  If you give him some fingers to hold, he'll do some short walking. 
Relia walked between eight and nine months.  If LL is on the same track, he'll be walking in the next week or two.  And yes, that's a sobering thought.  We took down the baby gates earlier this year and they're back up again.  Oh well, another year or two and we'll be done with them for good.
LL's biggest danger right now is the love of his brother.  DF wants to show his love by getting as close to him as he possibly can.  Sometimes this is scary as DF doesn't understand their relative strengths.  At times it means that LL is knocked down.  Or simply surprised and frightened.  I've got a feeling that this will go on for decades.
We've mostly switched over to formula and cherrios.  Some actual baby food.  My cyclopsism doesn't present too many problems, but I find it very hard to hit as small a target as a baby mouth from a couple of feet away.  So the FP Gal takes care of that. 
We're happy with him and he seems mostly happy.

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DD4 said...

He's a little doll - growing up way too fast, if you ask me.