Sunday, December 09, 2012

Let it Snow

We're having what we call in Minnesota a 'significant' snowfall.  Somewhere upwards of six inches but maybe not a full foot.  I've sent the FP Gal out twice to shovel (she must not have done it right the first time).  (Actually, while I'm mentioning this, shoveling is the one outdoor maintenance activity that we both enjoy.  Neither one of us really enjoys mowing.  Raking is ok, but just barely.)
Last winter was so mild that we didn't have much shoveling to do.  I'm not sure if DF even remembers what a big snowfall looks like.  Fortunately, he got to play outside for a bit today.  Which reminds me; we are totally unprepared for wet snowpants, boots, mittens, etc.  I'm sure we'll figure it out.
Right now the snow looks beautiful.  It's piled up on the railings and the tree branches.  It will be much less charming four/five months from now.  But today it's ok.

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