Sunday, December 02, 2012

Ponder Vs T-Jack

I think it's fair to say that Christian Ponder didn't look so good against the Packers today.  His QB line was 12/25, 119 yards, 1 TD, 2 int.  That comes out to a passer rating of 41.96.  Which is yucky.  I commented on Facebook that Tarvaris Jackson could probably have done better.  Which made me curious to compare the two. 
T-Jack only played two games at Lambaugh, both losses.  His ratings were 35.4 and 59.0.  Yuck.  But this made me wonder about a bigger comparison between the two.  Over the last six games, the Vikings are 2-4 and at times have looked cover-your-eyes awful.  Here are Ponder's ratings, from those games:
35.5 (win over Arizona)
74.8 (loss to Tampa)
37.3 (loss to Seattle)
114.2 (win over Detroit)
58.2 (loss to Chicago)
42.0 (loss to Green Bay)

One good game, one ok game and four stinkers.  Even in the win over Arizona, Ponder only threw for 58 yards.  So how does Jackson stack up?  He started 19 games over three years here in Minnesota.  Here are his four worst games by passer rating:
35.4 (loss at GB)
26.4 (loss at Det)
44.2 (loss at Dal)
50.0 (win hosting Chi)

On par with Ponder's four worst.  Ok, but how about seasonal numbers?  Jackson first:
2006 62.5 (2 starts)
2007 70.8 (12 starts)
2008 95.4 (5 starts)

And now for Ponder:
2011 70.1 (10 starts)
2012 82.0 (11 starts, does not include @GB)

Ponder is maybe a hair better than T-Jack.  Maybe.  We couldn't wait for T-Jack to leave.  I'm starting to feel the same way about Christian Ponder.

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