Thursday, December 06, 2012

Groove Holmes

This weekend we got into the car and I turned on some music from my iPod.  My whole playlist (thousands of songs) started up on random and something jazzy came up.  I think it was some Gershwin, sung by Chris Connor.  Anyway, Relia asked if that music was jazz.  I told her it certainly was and when she asked for more I switched over to my 'Jazz' playlist.  This came up:

Go ahead, hit play and listen a bit while you read. I ran across Richard 'Groove' Holmes some years ago in a jazz compilation. He's an organist. Not one of the big names in jazz circles. But oh man, he lays down a nice line. I've kept the playlist going this week and the kids haven't complained. (I kind of jumped the gun on the Christmas music, so we were ready for a break.)  I would love, love, love for them to have some kind of appreciation of jazz while growing up.
Actually, I think about this quite a bit.  I am so picky, so passionate about my music.  I want the kids to somehow share that passion but this can be a tricky business.  The FP Gal has told me that I have to be careful not to slag their taste in music, especially when she goes through the inevitable boy band phase.
I just hope that we can somehow miss out on hip-hop and rap! 
Kids, if you're reading this years in the future from now, go ahead and love funk.  Love harmony.  And especially, love melody.  Don't fall too much in love with pure rhythm.  It doesn't deserve it.

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