Monday, May 20, 2013

From April 2013, Part 1

Yay, Opening Day!

Watching 'The Imposters' on Netflix. The rest of you probably should be too.

The kids have discovered 'Samurai Jack'. I'm pretty sure that Felix is going to be sword fighting all day now.

Felix wanted to challenge Relia to a rolling pin fight. I choose to step in and say 'no'.

Inspired by Laurie, I'm trying to think of the last good love story movie that I've seen. Can't think of anything more recent than 'Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind'. Has the last decade really been that lousy for love stories?

Oh no! Margaret Thatcher, RIP.

Need a suggestion. The wife has never seen a James Bond movie. There are a bunch of them on the Netflix this month. Which one should I start her off on?

All things being equal, I'd rather be done with the snow now, thank you. [From April 10th]

Just think, we're only seven weeks away from Memorial day and the start of summer.

I recently introduced the kids to the Powerpuff Girls. Love the show and they do too. The only problem is that it inspires them to run around the house pretending to fight bad guys. This drives me crazy.
So this morning, before I started an episode, I told them that if they started running around and fighting, I would turn it off. This prompted Felix to think a moment and say "Relia, we can just walk around and fight".
Oh, my clever kids!

Ah man, RIP Jonathan Winters.

Just introduced Pee Wee's Playhouse to the kids. This may not have been the best judgment...

The kids dumped their legos all over the playroom floor and I was forced to become the Sword of Parental Righteousness. I don't think anyone enjoyed it.

Man, today isn't a day to reaffirm faith in humanity. Thoughts and prayers to those in Boston.

Happy Birthday Pat! For your birthday, you can have one of our children, your choice!

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