Tuesday, May 21, 2013

From April 2013, Part 2

Had a most enjoyable conversation with Felix on the ride home today. He's trying to wrap his head around his upcoming birthday and he was worried that he'd become 'too big'. He said that big Felixs don't eat and he didn't like that. When I pressed him he was worried that he would become too big to eat cupcakes. I told him not to worry about that anytime soon.

The kids were trying to pick a show to watch on the Netflix and they decided on 'Little Tyke's Land', a show based on the toy cars that kids can 'drive' around the yard. Sarah asked me if I'd watched it before. (Yes, this morning and it sucked in the way that gentle children's programming does.) I tried to steer her away from saying yes.
Me: Yeah, it's hyper-violent. Uses bad language.
Sarah: What??? Really?
Felix: Hyper-violent! Hyper-violent! I want hyper-violent!
Little pitchers, man, little pitchers have big ears. (We let them watch it.)

Q: What is the difference between Minnesota weather and an abusive relationship?
A: (pause) Well, there must be some difference surely . . .

New theory, maybe winter is going through some kind of Groundhog Day type event. If so we need to help it kiss Andie McDowell and break the cycle!

Did a little poking around online. Our highest temp of the year so far is 52, which we've hit twice in the last three weeks. The last time we had temps higher than 60? November 21. The next day (Thanksgiving) we had snow, and we've basically had it ever since. That means that as of Sunday, we'll have been in winter for the past *five* months.

Apparently Neil Diamond flew to Boston and went to Fenway Park to ask them if he could sing today. None of it was planned ahead of time.

Will it make any difference if we beat up a weatherman? And if so, who should we choose? [This proved to be a popular idea.]

Watching thick snow gather on the neighbor's roof. Kinda hating this winter. [April 22nd]

Me: Relia, time to get ready. Put some socks on.
Relia: Oh, I hate the word socks!
Me: (pause) Ok, put some cloth tubes on your feet.
Relia: (without missing a beat) Oh, I hate cloth tubes!

For the first time in (too many) months, I have the windows open at home. [April 25th]

I just realized how similar The Amazing Race is to a James Bond movie. Intersting locations and tasks. Thwarting roadblocks and u-turns. The only thing missing is Phil Keoghan congratulating the hero as he shacks up with the girl.

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