Sunday, May 19, 2013

From March 2013

(May as well start bringing this up to date.)

PSA: If you ask them nicely, McDonalds will make you a half shamrock, half chocolate shake. And they're yummy.

This winter has been so active, that for the first time ever, the Weather Channel is up to the letter 'S' when naming winter storms.

Felix nap etiquette update: The little stuffed Wolverine doll should be tucked in and completely under the blanket. Otherwise it won't sleep.

Am I the only one, who, when watching Downton Abbey, is reminded more and more of Gone with the Wind?

After I explained what 'contrary' means, Relia decided that she is contrary. Maybe I did it wrong.

Can one of my Catholic friends help me out here? While there is no Pope, are all of the commandments still in force?

As you look at the snow outside, just remember, the Twins play their first home game in only 18 days.

Cee-Lo is kind of like the Liberace of modern pop music, isn't he?

We need an It Gets Better video for people who live in Minnesota in March.

I don't remember if March came in like a lamb or a lion. But it's currently acting like an arctic skunk.

On the car ride home with the boys, Felix was very quiet. When we stopped, I asked him if the cat got his tongue. He laughed and said no. Then he showed it to me and said, "I keep it in my mouth so the monsters don't get it!".

Relia just asked me where they speak pig latin. Despite my nature, I told her the truth.

Felix just learned a lesson about reaching in the back of Leo's diaper.
Relia's watching the 'X-Men' cartoon series. She just asked why they all wear belts. I decided that she's too young to learn about the awful comic book fashions of the 90's.

Sir Toppham Hat: Thomas, this time you've gone too far. You'll need to have a lobotomy. In fact, lobotomies for all of the trains!

Felix is playing with the doctor toys. He just walked up to me and said, "Daddy, I need to look in your pants". Before I could say anything, he put an otoscope in my pocket, peered in and told me I was fine.

As much as I love my children, I could really use about 48 hours when I don't hear the word 'daddy'.

Wait, Alex Trebek is retiring???

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