Monday, December 06, 2010

Lo, How a Rose E're Blooming

Last night our internet was out so we had to rely on some old school entertainment. Relia insisted that we sing Christmas music to the new tree. We tried some of her made up songs ('Christmas! Snowing! Reindeer!) and then the FP Gal got out a songbook so we could be more traditional. As we paged through we came across this gem here (which I have a vague memory of singing at Dorian one year). The FP Gal didn't know it so she asked me to sing it for her.
Confession time! My music reading skills are minimal at best and I have a bad habit of only remembering the tenor line, or worse the bass line. Anyway, I gave it a go.
But I can't really let it stand at that. This really is a gorgeous piece, especially with the harmonies. I hope she'll give it a listen and of course the rest of you are welcome to enjoy it too.


Kate said...

I do believe you have brought a girl in South Dakota to tears. I miss singing so much, it hurts sometimes.

carrster said...

We did sing it at Dorian!! I love this song. I too miss singing, so so so so much.

Maybe we could join together & start an online choir....hmmmm

DD4 said...

Why don't you join the Wooddale choir. We would love to have you!!

j said...

This is one of my favorite Christmas songs!